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Artificial Intelligence is changing our lives

Artificial intelligence is a relatively new concept for many people in Costa Rica. A.I is a machine-learning technology. Technically we can say that any electronic device such as a Laptop, Tablet, Smartphone and Smart-TV is a an Artificial Intelligence representation because they have an algorithm on it - set of instructions defined to perform a specific activity - which responds to several requests from the user. However, not all the devices are necessarily A.I due to some instructions are pre-defined by the system and most of these commands are well defined and do not change as they are used.

The most important feature of an artificial intelligence is the ability to learn new behaviors in other to make user’s life easier. Many people would say that A.I is long-term concept, but it is still constantly and actively growing and changing. Actually Artificial Intelligence continues to expand in our lives step-by-step, improving the efficiency of daily tasks, as well the way we have fun, work or interact with others. As time passes, more people are using personal assistants such as Siri or Alexa, interacting with semi-automatic machines in their jobs and even trying the experience of automatic pilot vehicles.

Although these illustrations are only few sample of artificial intelligence. Big Tech companies like Apple, Tesla, Facebook and Uber are already showing several innovative uses of artificial intelligence as well as they continue to invest lots of money on research on this field. On this scenario the most important questions right now is: How much this technology will affect/improve us in our day-to-day life?